The use cases for WrappedNFT minted by renting NFTs in RentaFi include the following, the only WrappedNFTs that retain the original NFT's proprietary utilities are these NFTs with which we have partnered a partnership. Please note that not all utilities are retained in some collections.
  • PFP
    Each social media platform has a growing range of profile images corresponding to NFT; Twitter can be described as a public community. Many NFT collections are on Twitter to publicly share their NFT and communicate with other holders. The community will accept you as a member and will have a chance to get to know you.
  • Community Membership
    NFT holders enjoy special privileges within the community and participate in exclusive events among community members. RentaFi allows community members who cannot afford the original NFT to participate in the community and gives them the opportunity to get a feel for the community and experience being part of it.
  • Right of access
    NFT will grant the holder limited access to the site and content; RentaFi will grant temporary access to the content through rental, increasing the accessibility of the content.
  • NFT-Game
    Blockchain games issue various assets such as items and avatars in NFT. The Play to Earn model of blockchain gaming has developed into a movement that has made gaming a profession, and is being used by many. RentaFi allows you to rent NFT of utility assets from any game with which we have a partnership.
  • Worlds in the Metaverse
    Ownership of worlds and some spaces on the metaverse are issued through NFT and bought and sold in the marketplace, allowing RentaFi to temporarily rent metaverse space for exhibition and play.
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