RentaFi will launch in beta on the test net (Mumbai) in June 2022. The main net is scheduled for release in August 2022. We will continue to expand the utility by developing partnership alliances with games, metaverses and communities. In addition, we will develop SDKs and APIs that will facilitate the inheritance of proprietary utilities when renting and standards that natively support the rental of NFT to be issued in parallel.
Furthermore, we will make the rental protocol more secure by doing an Audit. In order to make the rental protocol more popular, we will build an extended service for various integrations.
2022 Q2
-Launch to test net version (ERC721 only)
2022 Q3
-Open to the public on the main net
-Development of NFT standards for rental
-Release of API/SDK
2022 Q4
-Integrate Protocol
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