Rental Method

We support rental by three types of methods.
  • WrappedNFT
  • ERC-4907
  • Contract wallet

Wrapped Method

WrappedNFT is minted as a separate NFT from Original NFTs that are deposited by the lender. Even if NFTs’ smart contracts don’t apply to rental, WrappedNFT can support rentals even after minting.

ERC4907 Method

ERC-4907 approve as the standard for a rental by emojiDAO. It defines roles separately for “owner” and “user”.
Originally, when you use the NFT’s utility, dapps read the status of “owner”, the holder.
But, in the case of ERC-4907, when the renter uses the NFT’s utility, dapps read the status of “user”, the renter. Thus, because the NFT isn’t moved from “owner”, to holder, the holder doesn’t lose a chance to get an airdrop.

Contract Wallet(Coming soon…)

Contract wallets require no permission and correspondence. The renter can use Original NFT as it is. Of course, the risk of NFT theft minimizes.