Caution for Renter

The renter cannot transfer, buy or sell the rented NFT.
No cancellations or refunds can be made after the rental has been executed.
If the lender also has a lock period on the NFT, the renter can only rent the NFT during the lock period. So the maximum rental period may vary depending on the lender's lock period.
After the end of the rental period, viewing the NFTs in the wallet on an external site, such as Opensea, may show the NFTs that were rented, but the utility cannot be used after the rental period ends. Please check the end of the rental period on the RentalFi Dashboard.
Note for each rental method
There are three types of rental methods, and of course, any of them can be used with NFT utilities without problems, but each method has its own characteristics.
  • Wrapped Method
    • The Wrapped Method is lent by wrapping the NFT you wish to rent. Note that in this case, the contract address will be different from the original NFT you rented.
  • ERC4907 Method
    • The ERC4907 Method enables utility rental by going to read the status of the original NFT when the event to use the utility occurs. Note that in this case, the rented NFT is not issued and will not appear in the wallet.
  • Contract wallet Method (Coming soon)