About RentaFi

What is RentaFi

RentaFi is a non-collateralized rental protocol and platform that enables the lending and renting of NFT utilities. The rental protocol RentaFi, which is completed on-chain, can enable new uses by renting out dysfunctional NFTs in wallets.
Currently, RentaFi's supported chains are
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
The support for BNB and Avalanch has been planning in the future.
By renting NFT at RentaFi
  • Game Items
  • Access keys
  • Event tickets
  • Art
  • Metaverse
and so many other utilities can be used and experienced at a more reasonable market price. In addition, you can obtain passive revenue by lending NFTs. Also, communities can easily integrate these rental features by building their own rental marketplace through the API.

The Issue of NFTs and Our Solution

While NFTs offer a variety of utilities, the challenge is that the series of processes (purchase, experience, and sale) take a long time and the purchase cost is large. Furthermore, the greater the community's excitement, the higher the price of NFTs and the higher the entry hurdle.
By implementing a protocol for lending and renting NFT utilities, RentaFi allows renters a temporary user experience and lowers the hurdle for users to enter the community.
The lender can operate the NFT separately, including substantial ownership, such as buying and selling on marketplaces, while gaining new revenue opportunities by renting the NFT.
Communities can attract new community members and new revenue opportunities by offering NFTs and collections on-hand for rent or by promoting NFT rentals to holders. It also contributes to the community's excitement by increasing trading activity.